The Franchise Package

Your Investment

Network Healthcare are uniquely placed in the sector and have established a stand out 2 Stage Brand Partnership investment programme.

Stage One: Acquisition of the NHBP Recruitment Model – one off fee £15,000

Stage Two: Invitation to join the NHBP Homecare Provision Model - £15,000

The total Franchise Fee is therefore £30,000 + VAT 

A % charge of audited turnover as an ongoing Management deduction is made for back office services such as IT, marketing, operational support

Additional finance from Banks or Financial Institutions will probably be required for funding working capital, largely for your care workers salaries. Network Healthcare can support you in identifying the source of working capital.


Your Rewards

Many things can influence your profitability so we would prefer to be cautious. The size of your team, cost of premises and your own Directors drawings will have a bearing but as a guide based on previous start ups the following would be representative:

Financial Projections

Year 1


Year 3





Cost of Sales



Gross Profit



Operating Costs



Net Profit




Note: The above analysis is considered as indicative and in some ways typical, but the figures use very broad assumptions in certain areas and should not be relied upon. The figures do not, therefore, necessarily represent a 'likely' profit or cash flow prediction.