The 3 Way Option

The 3 Way Option to Start-up a Business in Care


 "Network Healthcare know how to blend the backgrounds of individuals into successful business owners within the homecare sector. We call it the 3 Way Option. Each journey of learning and progression leads to the same goal but by different paths dependent on who you are" 

Gavin Chase, Director of Brand Partnerships







The Recruiter's Franchise

The only requirement is for you to be an experienced recruiter and we will teach you all you need to know to be a quality provider of care staff. You will have access to over 20 National Contracts with leading residential & nursing homes and we will progress you to become a Regulated Care Provider! 

The Professional's Franchise

If you are working in the care sector, possibly as a Registered Manager of Adult Services, or a Deputy, a Nurse or a Doctor, then Option2 is for you. We assist you in your CQC registration and work with you to build a successful homecare business alongside our National network of highly respected branches. 

The Manager's Franchise

This is for the experienced business person who is looking for a management franchise to build a lasting & profitable legacy in their community. In partnership, we will support you in identifying and building a quality team of care professionals that will position your company at the forefront of homecare...


Low initial investment - marketing - IT - training - national contracts - policies & procedures - ongoing learning - 20 years operational experience - extensive branch network

All franchise programmes start with an initial license fee of £15,000. The total cost of your franchise will be determined by your specific training and support needs but will be no more than £30,000*. Your franchise will also include a 6.5% management charge based on your income. There is no monthly charge or fixed amounts due during the term of your partnership with Network Healthcare.


If you are interested in exploring a new business venture in the homecare sector with a highly experience and well regarded brand in the regulated care sector then call our Director of Brand Partnerships, Gavin Chase, on 0121 728 8958 or email


* Note: In addition to your Franchise Licence Fee you should allow for working capital of c.£50,000 for care staff wages and living expenses for a period of around 3 months until such time that you are likely to be generating income from your business. We will be covering your care worker staff payroll costs.