A unique choice of proven and successful business models from the UK's largest independent recruitment group.

Pertemps Network Group recently celebrated their 50th anniversary and Network Healthcare its 15th. Their proven business models are now available to selected partners as a Franchise operation. Combining a recruitment and care at home business gives an opportunity for long term sustainability. Particularly as a unique financial arrangement is included reducing the cash needed to to finance the business.

Why is healthcare such a booming industry?

The flexible healthcare staffing and homecare services in the UK are currently estimated to be worth over £12 billion per year and rising. The way we care for people in the UK has changed considerably over the last few years with many local authorities outsourcing their needs to agencies who are able to provide care in peoples own homes or in care establishments. This coupled with an increasingly ageing population should ensure good potential for growth over the coming years.

What type of staff does the recruitment business provide?

Supported by a national network of offices, we provide temporary and permanent staff in the fields of domiciliary and health and social care. Our clients can be organisations within local authorities, independent nursing and residential homes, sheltered housing, resettlement units, the NHS, independent hospitals and individuals in the field of domiciliary care.

Which territories are available?

We understand the importance of the desire to work locally. With this in mind, all of our territories are researched to ensure they are large enough for you to build a profitable business. Territories are awarded exclusively and many areas of the UK are available - we will not open offices though where existing offices operate.

Do I need recruitment experience or experience of the healthcare industry?

Not at all, many very successful 'brand partners' do not have previous experience. As this is a true management franchise you will need an absolute desire though to provide the highest levels of care to those who need it most. As you will recruit a team of people to provide this care, you will need to be able to effectively manage and motivate people.

How much can I earn?

Many things depend on profitability and we would prefer to be conservative. The size of your team, cost of premises and your own Directors drawings will have an effect on these.

Network Health & Social Care     

Year 1     


Year 2     


Year 3     


Turnover 270 485 680
Cost of Sales 175 315 445
Gross Profit 95 170 235
Operating Costs 80 110 130
Net Profit 15 60 105

The above analysis is considered as indicative and in some ways typical, but the figures use very broad assumptions in certain areas and should not be relied upon. The figures do not, therefore, necessarily represent a 'likely' profit or cash flow prediction.

How much is the initial franchise fee and how long is it for?

The Franchise Fee is £30000+VAT for both recruitment and care business for the rights to trade in an exclusive territory for a period of 5 years. We provide full invoice financing as part of the management charge which will reduce your need for additional finance. The fee is reduced if only the recruitment business is taken.