Bespoke UK homecare solutions for the vulnerable & elderly - Network Healthcare lead the way

Self praise is no recommendation they say...

So don't let Network Healthcare blow their own trumpet you may be heard to say.

But when the quality of homecare providers is on most people's lips its worth decision makers, local authorities & private families seeking care support, understanding why some care providers are the niche provider of choice for many.

During 2020 there were many challenges for decision makers who were concerned that they needed to ensure all vulnerable and elderly in their local communities were being well supported.

Families too were hearing that residential care homes were not a safe environment for loved ones, although it has to be said the media were quick to point fingers, fuelling the flames of concern.

Network Healthcare were asked to step up to the plate and take on additional service users in new areas of the UK and the following 3 examples are designed to help you understand the range of challenges that we were willing to support.

If you deliver quality homecare solutions the market knows that you can be trusted and seek out working partnerships with you...


Initially the new Network Healthcare branch was set up at the request of the local authority to work with the high amount of Learning Difficulties service users needing support in the local area.

This, as planned, has developed very well with bigger opportunities presenting themselves daily - as well as one other very large unexpected request for help - the domiciliary care scene in the area was also crying out for a well run home care team. Network Healthcare stepped in!

The coordinator for this area has within a 10 month period turned nothing into a stable Home care business providing well over 500 hours of support generating significant weekly gross profits.


Network Healthcare have worked with the BANES local council for a while and due to the consistent demand from the council for good quality home care we decided to open a dedicated branch within the county.

This has allowed Network Healthcare to offer a local hub for carers and professionals closer to the action meaning a more convenient place for interviews/meetings and a base from which office staff can manage the professional care workers for vulnerable service users in the immediate community.

Within a 3 month period the initiative now generates a healthy gross profit each week. The only thing preventing faster growth of the service user network is getting more new staff through the door quicker and trained to our exacting standards!


This was another start up venture for Network Healthcare and began to operate in a very confusing time for many people, the worry of placing a loved one in a care setting or anywhere away from the family home has become more prevalent than ever before.

We planned for the new Live in Care service to be a slow and steady builder but due to the dedication and great service delivered to local authorities across the UK, we hit our January 2021 targets in September 2020 after beginning in August during the Covid-19 pandemic..

One key milestone was when the Network Healthcare Live in Care team was appointed the preferred supplier for the South Gloucester Council brokerage team.


You may be reading this as a health & social care professional with a local authority or as a sibling or parent of a vulnerable or elderly relative. Either way, if you feel that a quality led and delivered specialist care at home service could be the solution to a current situation that you feel responsible for, then give Network Healthcare a call. Trusted and 20 years of experience will certainly be of value! If we can help we will work closely with you to create a bespoke solution, specifically for those that need it most...

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