"In Social Work you invariably get to a point when you know it's time to move on; either from one role to another in the same organisation or on to a new organisation. Sometimes the later move is harder simply because you are not always aware of the vacancies that exist. That's where Network Health Care come in - they deliver the right range of vacancies to your mailbox thereby reducing your search time.

They don't stop there if you show an interest in any of the roles, you will be supported from sending your CV through to interview (if you get shortlisted) and afterwards, regardless of the outcome. In my case, they dropped a number of interesting vacancies in my mailbox and when I expressed an interest in one of the roles, supported me in getting my CV and brief statement submitted for the role.

When I got shortlisted they contacted me immediately and even helped to plan my journey to the interview; contacted me on the day of the interview to make sure I was prepared.

Thankfully I was offered the job but Network Healthcare continued to offer practical support so you get the distinct impression that they are genuinely interested in getting the right job for the right candidate so It's thumbs up for Network Healthcare."