Network Healthcare offer a cosy but safe environment for families to meet their children they no longer live with. The centre is staffed by experienced staff who are there to support both the children and the parents as we understand that contact can be a stressful process for all involved. The use of the service is open to any parent who has a contact agreement with the other parent through solicitors or through the courts, CAFCASS and clients can also self-refer.

Our Aims and Objectives

  • Provide a cosy but safe environment for estranged parents to meet with their children
  • Support the process of re-introduction and relationship building between estranged parents and child/children
  • Offer a sensitive approach to the concept of contact
  • Offer an efficient support mechanism to the work of the Solicitors who refer to us
  • Develop a trustworthy relationship with local agencies and court officers

We offer two types of contact:

Supported Contact; is offered when there is an agreement that the contact parent can look after the child(ren) without supervision. In some instances, the parents just use the centre as a 'pick up' and 'drop off' point whereby the children are collected and taken out by the contact parent who then brings them back to the centre once contact time is over. In order to be accepted for this type of contact it is a requirement for both parents to have solicitors dealing with their case. This type of contact is run once a week on Saturdays and all the families use the playroom at the same time. Staff members check in on families throughout the allocated contact time.

Supervised Contact; is specifically devised for families where a court determines that there is a need for contact to happen in a supervised environment due to a number of concerns. During these contacts only one family at a time will be using the playroom and a supervisor will be there in the room with the family. Additionally, part of the role of the supervisor will be to record the session as solicitors (and the courts) may request reports at any point in time. This service is offered throughout the week and on Saturdays.

Handover Service; providing a safe and child friendly service for estranged parents to hand over children to the other party.

For a full detail of our service please download our brochure and price list

We hold enhanced accreditation and adhere to the quality framework of the National Association of Child Contact centres (NACCC). 2018 NACCC re-accreditation summary.


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