Client Testimonials


"I want to thank you and your team for your professionalism and skill in arranging care for my client, you have been committed to ensuring he is cared for by staff who have an understanding and skill base working with children and young people with disabilities.

 You have been efficient, and most importantly you have provided carers without fail. I would recommend you and your care team without hesitation

It has been a pleasure working with you, you have kept me up to date and emailed me rotas, you have passed on information to the carers when asked.

The parents are also extremely impressed with the skill of your staff and how they have developed a positive relationship with a young person with communication difficulties. You and your staff have gone beyond what has been asked of you and for that I thank you very much."

Karen, Social Worker

“Have used this company for a few years now, it’s a bonus to have a friendly, named recruitment consultant who knows my service and whom I can liaise with to meet our staffing needs!”

"I am an Independent Mental Capacity Advocate and I have been involved in several cases where Top Care staff have been supporting the person I am acting for. It is my duty to consult all those involved with my client's care and who know the client well. The staff I have spoken to have always been very cooperative in providing the information I have needed. They have also demonstrated to me an excellent knowledge of the client and the care needs they have and that are provided.

On several occasions staff have contacted me directly to advocate for the client as they have not believed the person's rights are not being considered and the person is not being put at the centre of the decision - the decision is not person centred. The paid care staff I have been involved with from Top Care have gone over and above their expected support of a person to ensure they are treated with dignity and respect.

The people I know who are supported by Top Care have not had capacity to make decisions for themselves. Top Care staff have worked with the client as I would, allowing them as much choice and control over their lives as they can have, ensuring the client has a quality of life above their basic needs and is treated as an equal in decisions that are being made for them."

Kind regards

"I cannot fault Network Healthcare’s documentation – absolutely everything I needed was there. It was obvious that the team knew exactly what they were able and not able to do as far as manual handling goes. I have no issues whatsoever with Network Healthcare, they are doing a fantastic job."

A Community Occupational Therapist

"To my knowledge, the unit that I work on have been using Network Healthcare for over 4 years. Working in an environment where risk management can change several times within a shift requires staffing that is appropriately responsive. In my experience, Network Healthcare understand the needs of our highly specialised unit and deliver a high calibre of reliable, flexible staff suitably experienced with the skills and knowledge appropriate to our services.

As a service that provides 365/24/7 care we require partners that are able to meet our needs at short notice as well as work with us to ensure that our long term needs are catered for. Network Healthcare is my first choice when looking for temporary staff because of the level of response and commitment to ensuring that we are able to deliver that service.

Network Healthcare provides an exceptional service that, as well as providing a team that works hard to support our ever changing staffing requirements, delivers competitive rates."

Jacqueline Edwards, RMN
Woodbourne Priory

"My feedback is very positive. Jane was great, easy and available to communicate with but also had initiative and flexibility within depending on my particular circumstance. The children also liked her.

I was also very happy with your service. Again, easy to communicate with and flexible when things needed to change. If I needed to call, I felt I could and could trust you to manage a situation with Jane when needed.

All in all, I was very happy with your service. If I needed an external carer again, I would use your services."

Westminster Children's Services

"I’d like to take this opportunity to provide a testimonial of the service we have received from you at Network Health & Social Care.

We made the decision to work with Amanda at Network HSC as the only agency to provide us with temporary Housing Support Workers to cover sickness absence throughout our 8 Sheltered Housing projects at Queen’s Cross Housing Association. 

Amanda ensures she gets to know her clients well, understands our business needs, the service that we deliver and the diversity of the 8 projects and therefore the staff who have been provided to us have been suitably qualified and experienced social care workers. 
We have required staff at very short notice for ad hoc shifts, for short term full time contracts and for longer term rolling contracts and they have been well received by service users and Queen’s Cross employees alike and able to fully participate within the team.

Due to the responsive nature of our service, it is of great comfort to know that we have the support from Amanda, and the high calibre of social care staff who have been provided to us."

Queens Cross Housing Association

"Network Healthcare have provided some excellent staff to our organisation and have been honest if they are struggling to source candidates - this honesty is important to us as it helps us to plan and work with Network Healthcare to look at alternative strategies.

Network Healthcare have worked with us to look at a range of solutions to help source scarce skill roles. We have a positive working relationship."

Buckinghamshire County Council



“The services your agency provides are excellent. You and the team are always happy to help us and you always offer a speedy response to all of our recruitment needs.”