Candidate Testimonials 


"In Social Work you invariably get to a point when you know it's time to move on; either from one role to another in the same organisation or on to a new organisation. Sometimes the later move is harder simply because you are not always aware of the vacancies that exist. That's where Network Health Care come in - they deliver the right range of vacancies to your mailbox thereby reducing your search time.

They don't stop there if you show an interest in any of the roles, you will be supported from sending your CV through to interview (if you get shortlisted) and afterwards, regardless of the outcome. In my case, they dropped a number of interesting vacancies in my mailbox and when I expressed an interest in one of the roles, supported me in getting my CV and brief statement submitted for the role.

When I got shortlisted they contacted me immediately and even helped to plan my journey to the interview; contacted me on the day of the interview to make sure I was prepared.

Thankfully I was offered the job but Network Healthcare continued to offer practical support so you get the distinct impression that they are genuinely interested in getting the right job for the right candidate so It's thumbs up for Network Healthcare."

"Network Healthcare have not only eased the challenges of my caring role but have also been very supportive of myself.

My son has very complex needs and Network Healthcare have been very diligent in getting it right. They have listened with great understanding and considered all his needs when matching a carer.

The results have been one very happy family. We are really very very happy with the service they have provided.

Great job Well Done and keep doing what you do cause u do it so well."

"I was beginning to question my career path when an amazing thing happened!! A phone call from Network Healthcare recruitment agency that had unearthed my CV from archives of the job search websites.

A convincing and reassuring voice of Jordanne, asking me about job prospects with certain local authority.  What happened next was unbelievable!!  Jordanne was amazing and her communication skills are excellent. Step by step Jordanne updated me on the progress of my application and giving me tips on how to excel at the interview if shortlisted.
Before and after   attending the interview, Jordanne was behind me, wishing me all the best and reassuring me.
When I got the job, she was the first to congratulate me and again asking to be in touch if ever I want further help.
When I started working, she again gave me a welfare call checking how I was doing. I felt humbled by such work ethics and no doubt I would recommend all my friends to register with Network Healthcare Recruitment Agency. Tendai"

"It is a great opportunity to experience new things and enhance your skills,which will help in the future. Also the staff are very helpful, supportive and always on board with any queries and problems I have. Noshaba"

"I had started my work with you in January '16 and since that I spend a great time with all of you that is a good experience of my life.
As a team you are working brilliantly and always being kind with me specially Shamila Khan she is a very nice and active person of your team and running the business with short staff. A good thing that I need to mention here is that all the Network Health team never let me down and always offer me very convenient hours.
I am thankful all of you specially you and Shamila Khan as she is a very key person and a hard working lady who always support me and listen me patiently. 
I am happy and proud of being the part of your team. Khalida"

"I have worked for Network Healthcare, as an agency worker,  since October 2015 and have continually had good service form them. Sarina has kept in touch with me on a regular basis, has offered me work immediately it became available and has helped and assisted me when I needed clarification or information.  She is friendly, knowledgeable and approachable and I would recommend both Sarina and Network Healthcare to prospective candidates. Sharon"

"I have met with Sarina on a few occasions and have also had dealings over the phone with her and have always found her to be polite, caring and above all professional. I work part time for the agency and need help with the computer sometimes and she has always been very accessible to my needs. Kathryn"

"As a Locum Senior Practitioner, I also benefit from the merits of a permanent staff. It is a double win for me. Why? Because I have a dedicated and excellent consultant. Her name is Sarina. She brings quality, confidence, stability and calmness into recruitment, and her support is total. I am lucky to be her candidate. Austin"

"Network Healthcare as a whole are a very good company. They provide excellent training and are very approachable and hands on. They don't treat you like another candidate but a colleague. My experience has been with Sarina, I feel that she goes over and beyond to try and accommodate your needs to find you the most suitable roles for your skill set. I feel like I have learnt so much from her from the knowledge she has and as mentioned she goes the extra mile for all her candidates. Maham"

"I signed up with Network Healthcare as an addition to my other employment. I have found Sarina Kaur to be very helpful and responsive to any queries I may have and a pleasure to communicate with. Network Healtcare have been prompt with payments and their payroll system is very accessible. Vikki"

"In the short time I have been working with Network Healthcare I have been really impressed with the practical approach and positive relationship building support I have received from Sarina. From initially understanding my work role needs, to finding me the ideal job and helping to coordinate with the workplace to organise my start date, I have found her to be a very effective Consultant. I have no hesitation in recommending NCS to anyone seeking employment."

Sulman, Social Work Senior Practitioner

"I had never used a recruitment agency to find a permanent Social Work job before but I have been really impressed with Network Health and Social Care as they have helped me to land a perfect position. It was quick and easy to register my CV with the agency and the consultant Sarina has been really lovely to work with and very good at responding to emails and calls and keeping me updated.  By working with Network Health and Social Care I have avoided having to fill in employer's lengthy application forms and personal statements which are often very time consuming and for which you don't even always receive a response or feedback. Sarina dealt with everything for me, all I had to do was attend the interview, it was such a stress-free process. I would definitely work with them again if I was looking for another position in the future."

"I have worked for Network Health and Social Care for the past 2 years. My consultant at the agency is David Lewis whom I have had since joining the agency. David has looked for and has given me assignments centred around my family needs as I have 2 children who are both at school. As well as getting 1 or 2 day assignments David (at my request and wish) continually looked for a long term assignment which suited my needs and I am very happy to say I have been in that post since June 2013 to this present day. Working for Network Health and Social Care has been a joy and when David has not been available I have found the other members of staff in the office to be very accommodating."


"Since working with Network Healthcare I have been able to enter into social care with children which I had found a struggle before being signed to the agency. As well as working with children the agency has provided me the opportunity to work with adults which has helped greatly in terms of gaining experience of working with different client groups. They have been reliable, understanding and always willing to help if a query occurs. Vicky in particular has been great at keeping me up to date with new work that my suit my interests. I am definitely grateful for the opportunities provided and couldn't ask for more helpful recruitment consultants."


"Network Healthcare has been great. I came into contact with Network Healthcare by accident whilst was looking for a 3 months contract between jobs. It's been over 18 months now. I am having the best time of my life with great support and regular contact from the team. The contracts are well paying too. Looking for the best job opportunity? I recommend Network Healthcare."


"I am informing you as an employee that I have been treated very good over the past year, fairly and equally. The Network Healthcare team have been informative and continue to be so. I have recommended people I know to them and am happy and will stay loyal to the company as I have been so far to date and happy to advise this."


"I have worked with the Slough team for 4 years now, I enjoy the flexibility and variety of work available. The Slough team do a great job and react quickly if I have any issues - Jordanne, Sherrell and Louise are all stars."